BODY MOVES 2023: Dive into the Heart of Inclusive Dance!

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Journey with us at the Sibikwa Arts Centre from 20th-26th November as we bridge continents, cultures, and communities through the expressive power of dance. Celebrate an event where able-bodied and disabled dancers unite on a shared stage, where inclusivity is celebrated, diversity is embraced, and every move tells a profound story.

PERFORMANCES: Revel in the Art of Movement (Sat 25th & Sun 26th November at 2pm)

Embrace the rhythm, tales, and emotions that burst forth on stage. Our performances, each passionately choreographed and presented, invite you to witness dance in its most evocative form. 

From narratives that stir the soul to pieces that challenge societal views, every dance is a testament to a world where dance transcends barriers.

“The infinite space Between Us” by Flatfoot Dance Company (South Africa) – Delve into an intimate journey of connections, relationships, and the interplay of human emotions, all beautifully woven into solos, duets, and trios with the iconic wheelchair dance.

  • Choreographer: Lliane Loots in collaboration with the dancers
  • Dancers: Jabu Siphika, Ndumiso ‘Digga’ Dube, and Julia Pitt

“Remember our Time” by Moving into Dance (South Africa) – A reflective piece that captures the transformation of culture over time, celebrating progress and adaptation.

  • Choreographer: Lesego Dihemo
  • Dancers: TO BE CONFIRMED

“Isikhalo Sendoda (The Cry of a Man)” by Unmute Dance Theatre (South Africa) – As an African man, culturally, he is not permitted to show emotion or to cry. This dance piece, inspired by his late son, is the beginning of Vellem’s healing.

  • Choreographer and Dancer: Andile Vellem

Bells and sirens” by Sibikwa Arts Centre (South Africa) – For most young queer individuals club life is an important element of self-image. Exploring themes relating to queer bodies escaping into the night

  • Choreographer: Thapelo Kotlolo
  • Dancers: Thapelo Kotlolo, Lethabo Shai, Keaoleboga Seodigeng 

“TWOTFAM ‘The Works Of The Flesh Are Manifest’” by Fanny Vandesande (Flanders) – A deep exploration into the silent struggles of individuals with disabilities, brought to life with grace and depth.

  • Choreographer: Fanny Vandesande
  • Performer: Anna Dujardin
  • Musician-Contrabas and Composer: Kobe Boom
  • Based on Anna D’s diary entries, illustrations, and poetry

“Chosen” by Lovatiana (Madagascar) – Dive into a narrative inspired by children chosen to save a village, showcasing the power of dance to bridge disability and societal roles.

  • Choreographer: Lovatiana Erica Rakotoba
  • Dancer: Nacelle Somoh

“NYANAM (Daughter of the Lake)” by Dance Into Space (Kenya) – Challenge patriarchal norms with a reimagined Kenyan myth, advocating for the empowerment of women.

  • Choreographer: Ondiege Matthew Oyango
  • Dancer: Pamela Jura

WORKSHOPS: Evolve, Learn & Engage (Mon 20th – Thu 23rd November)

At Sibikwa, in schools, and at Moving Into Dance, immerse yourself in a world where dance shatters boundaries and embraces inclusivity. 

Our workshops provide a vibrant space to evolve, learn, and interact. From the seasoned dancer to the intrigued beginner, there’s a transformative experience for everyone.

  • Ondiege Matthew: A mixed abled dance workshop discovering how the body with disability in contrast to the body without a disability explores space, direction, levels and approaches choreography through improvisation.
  • Lovantiana Erica Rakotoba: The workshop will be based on inclusive dance working through body weight and fluidity and exploring different bodies in space; sharing the choreographic repertoire of the piece running at the Festival.
  • Andile Vellem: Presenting a sign dance technique workshop established by UNMUTE, using the basics of sign language and finding ways to translate it into creative movement. 
  • Fanny Vandesande: This workshop delves into the difficult challenges people living with disabilities confronts regularly, which includes, intimacy and sexual agency. 
  • Satellite Workshop at Moving Into Dance in Newtown: A vibrant blend of dance styles converging, offering fresh perspectives in a dynamic setting.
  • Cindy Cummings: This workshop, titled ‘Serious Play’, will focus on the ever-changing dialogue between people. Pairs and small groups will use improvisational structures to experiment with specific tools for this kinesthetic dialogue to reveal how everyday actions can be crafted into a unique and original dance through the lens (and practice) of Noticing. 

LIVE-STREAMED DISCUSSION: Conversations that Matter (Thu 23rd Nov at 6pm)

In an era where dialogue can be a catalyst for change, our live-streamed discussion is not just chatter but a deep dive into issues that matter. Curated and facilitated by Lliane Loots, in collaboration with ADDN and inspired by impactful videos from Introdans and Unmute, this conversation promises insights that challenge, engage, and resonate with the essence of inclusive dance.

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Body Moves 2023 is supported by Flanders State of the Art, Embassy of Ireland, Department of Sport, Arts & Culture, Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture & Recreation, and Federation of Gauteng Community Arts