SIBIKWA STUDIO: The Actors State of Being

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The SIBIKWA STUDIO presents a 12-week part-time training programme aligned to Théatre du Soleil’s Ecole Nomade collective theatre-making workshops. 

After experimenting on stage and exchanging with French avant-garde theatre company, Théâtre du Soleil’s troupe of performers in June 2023, the Sibikwa Studio will be offering The Actors State of Being training programme on Saturdays from 14 October – 2 December 2023 and 20 January – 10 February 2024 at Sibikwa Arts Centre. 

The programme, facilitated by Mlindeli Zondi – the lead actor in Sibikwa’s presentation of Arianne Mnouchkine and Théatre du Soleil’s 1789 – will be aligned with Théâtre du Soleil’s creative process. 

The first programme of the newly established Sibikwa Studio, this training is for all people 18 years or older – those with no previous performance experience and those who want to hone their existing acting skills. Through the exploration of space, body and sound, The Actors State of Being will explore acting concepts of character, relationship, objective and environment, providing participants tools to create and perform story.

14 October – 2 December 2023 and 20 January – 10 February 2024

Registration Form:

Price: R2200

Limited spaces available!

For more information contact Rudy Motseatsea at or on 011 422 4359.

ABOUT The Sibikwa Studio

The Sibikwa Studio is aligned with Sibikwa Arts Centre’s objective of providing access to quality arts education and training, to all people 18 years and older, interested, passionate and/or engaged in performing arts practice. It offers a series of 12-week part-time training programmes, focused on developing the actor, director, choreographer and theatre-maker’s state of being. These programmes are facilitated by consummate professionals active in the theatre, community arts and entertainment industries.

ABOUT Mlindeli Zondi

Award-winning performer Mlindeli started his career in community theatre, before attaining formal training at the Market Theatre Laboratory where he continued to grow his passion for physical theatre and directing. His professional debut as director was for a play written by himself and performed at Soweto Theatre. He has worked with the likes of James Ngcobo, Sylvaine Strike, Craig Morris, Jenine Collocott Warren, Clara Vaughan and Kyla Davis, to name a few. 

Alongside Daniel Buckland, he is co-founder of a physical theatre school, the Johannesburg School of Mask and Movement Theatre. 

 ABOUT Théâtre du Soleil (“The Theater of the Sun”)

Théâtre du Soleil is a French avant-garde stage ensemble founded almost 60 years ago by Ariane Mnouchkine and her peers. Théâtre du Soleil’s shows embrace all art forms, allowing productions of a high artistic quality, working in depth on the set design, costumes, masks, lights, live music and stage writing. The notion of collective, sharing and equality are at the heart of the philosophy of Théâtre du Soleil, where all employees – 70 people, including Ariane – are paid a single salary, and where everyone is involved in the daily life and upkeep of the place. Théâtre du Soleil brings a particular attention to how History is told and the desire to illuminate the past in order to have a better understanding of the present. It explores artistic forms capable of denouncing and resisting the state of the world. After all these years, Théâtre du Soleil has become an iconic artistic collective in France and abroad, known as a lasting and flamboyant utopia.